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Cosmetic Surgery Claims

Suffered from a cosmetic surgery error?

The growth of Cosmetic Surgery in England & Wales. The cosmetic surgery industry in the UK over the last 10 years has seen significant growth. More and more of us are turning to specialist surgeons to improve our appearance, for some of us cosmetic surgery is necessary to simply make ourselves feel better after a traumatic event or illness. Cosmetic surgery is a very personal thing and decisions to ‘go under the knife’ are not taken lightly.

Generally you would have made your decision by reference to the status and qualifications of the surgeon. All surgeons in this field should be highly trained and skilled in the field of cosmetic surgery.

However although surgeons specialist in specific parts of the body, we are beginning to see that one day a surgeon may perform breast enlargement surgery and the next day the same surgeon will be performing a Rhinoplasty procedure (Nose reconstruction).

Generally standards are good in the industry, but errors can and do occur, causing injury and emotional distress and cosmetic surgery claims are on the increase.

Beauty treatments

We are seeing a rise in the number hairdressers, beauty therapists and Dentists, performing cosmetic procedures. Although they are generally trained to do the procedures, they are not has skilled as a surgeon. If you have been a victim of an error causing you a personal injury, we can also assist you to pursue a claim for damages.

If you have been let down by a cosmetic surgeon or beauty therapist, one of our specialist solicitors can help you. Please click on the below ties for further information about your claim.

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