Financial Negligence Compensation Claims Financial professionals include accountants and insurance brokers. When financial professionals let you down, it can be incredibly costly.

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How have you been let down?

Financial Negligence

Suffered financial loss as a result of professional negligence?

Financial professionals are highly skilled, well trained professionals. They will be regulated by professional bodies which will impose high standards of regulation and client care. They will owe their clients a professional duty of care to exercise reasonable care and skill in accordance with industry standards and statutory framework.

The standard of care and skill will be that to be expected of a like provider engaged to provide the relevant services. However from time to time standards fall below what is expected, mistakes and problems can occur resulting in you suffering a financial loss or loss of chance leading to a financial loss.
If this has happened to you and you believe you have a financial negligence claim then please either click on the above tile for further information. If the financial loss has been caused by a professional not referred to above please contact us as we may be able to assist. All initial enquires with us are free and no obligation.

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