Dealing with an amputation can be both traumatic and difficult as it affects both your personal and working life. If you have experienced problems leading up to the amputation which you think may result in you being able to claim compensation, then you may be feeling overwhelmed and stressed.  In this case, you need to secure the services of an experienced medical negligence Solicitor to assist you.

How will your claims lawyer help?

A competent and skilled Solicitor will have dealt with many similar amputation claims and will have a full understanding of your situation and how you are feeling. As well as looking at your current situation when assessing your claim, he will also look at how your amputation may affect you in the future. At all times throughout your claims procedure, your claims expert will support, assist and be totally committed to your case.

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How will your case be assessed?

The Solicitor will take a full history of your case including details of any incident or accident that resulted in the amputation. He or she will also access your medical files and will discuss with you how the procedure has impacted upon your life, both personally and professionally.

When assessing your losses, the Solicitor will look at things like:

  • Specialist training you have had to undertake
  • Rehabilitation treatment or physiotherapy
  • The provision and cost of specialist equipment
  • Your personal care
  • Transport costs and specialist cars/devices
  • Cost of medical treatment/therapies
  • Costs of any prosthesis

We will look at the reasons given by the medical staff for your amputation and will consult with other experts in the field if necessary. If you are unsure who to approach for help, your advisor will be there to point you in the right direction of suitable care services.

Don’t forget that your Solicitor will have dealt with many similar cases successfully, and will be operating within a close network of other experts who get involved in amputation care.

As you might expect, it is crucial that your Solicitor keeps abreast of current improvements and advancements in the sector. We will not only be able to take care of your case from the legal aspect, but we are also able to offer help and advice to assist you and any family members. Together, you can come to terms with matters and deal with the problems created due to the loss of a limb through amputation.

The next step

Dealing with an amputation compensation claim is a specialist procedure, so always make sure that you choose a competent and proficient Solicitor to work with you. Make sure your chosen Solicitor and law firm has a history of dealing with similar cases successfully.

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