Giving birth can be a traumatic event, but when birth injury is involved, the whole event can be utterly overwhelming. The baby suffers, and so do the parents who are left to face up to a future fraught with suffering and pain.

It is not possible to take away the stress and upset that parents experience. However if you are considering bringing a birth injury claim, compensation can ultimately be beneficial.

Types of birth injury claims

Do not be daunted by the fact that your particular birth injury case appears to be difficult or unduly complicated. Our medical negligence solicitors are specialists when it comes to dealing with injuries of this type. We have successfully concluded many medical negligence compensation claims. We understand the process inside out, and have a fully conversant medical negligence team in place, we are able to achieve the best possible award for both you and your child.

We help, no matter the type of injury

Both baby and mum can be injured during the birth process. Although some of these damages may have been inescapable, quite a large number of cases could have been avoided and may be due to either medical negligence or insufficient care and attention.

We can help with conditions such as:

  • Cerebral palsy – this affects 1 in every 10,000 babies within the UK and can be caused due to oxygen deprivation during birth. Up to 20% of babies suffering from this disease may do so as a result of avoidable birth injury
  • Erb’s Palsy – this can be caused when the baby’s shoulders get stuck during birth. The nerves in the neck can be damaged causing major problems to the nerves and muscles in the shoulder, arm or hand
  • Mother being injured – vaginal tears, incompetent suturing, infections, and pre-eclampsia mismanagement; all of these can, and do, affect many mothers long after the birth
  • Other birth injuries – brain damage, forceps trauma, stillbirths, placental rupture and even umbilical cord problems can all have devastating effects upon your baby
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Let us help by minimising the effects of the problems that you now find yourself up against. Whether only the baby is involved in the claim, or the mother is also affected, the potential impact of the birth injuries can be ruinous to the future of both. Parents’ lives are affected in a major way. Employment may be affected if constant care is required, and long-term plans may need to be put into place to cope with the baby’s future health and wellbeing.

By enabling you to received adequate and necessary birth injury compensation, some control can be regained over your lives and that of your baby. With the necessary finance in place you will be able to appropriately care for your child as they grow. Modifications to your home, special schooling, medical equipment, specialist child care and bespoke transport are all possibilities when the compensation you deserve is yours.

Get in touch now and let us show you that there is a positive way forward after birth injury.

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