As with any illness or disease, a delayed diagnosis by medical experts can have catastrophic results. Cancer can be a particularly worrisome disease to deal with if it is not detected and treated early. As it develops, it progresses through a variety of stages, each one making the disease more advanced and difficult to treat.

If the illness is detected early on, the chances of treatment being successful are much higher. Once a patient approaches the later stages, the condition is far more serious and more difficult to treat. This is why it is essential that your doctor detects cancer at the soonest possible time – stage one, if possible.

If you find yourself diagnosed in the later stages of cancer, knowing that you have been seeing your doctor or consultant for some considerable time, the question needs to be asked as to why your diagnosis was delayed. It may well be the case that you doctors have sent you for tests, but there was no clear diagnosis made when it should have been. This is where we can step in to help. By representing you, we will liaise with all medical staff to get a full history of your case before we begin a legal claims process.

Cancer compensation claims

You may need our help and assistance due to various circumstances, such as:

  • Scans or X-rays not being interpreted correctly
  • Sample of tissue/ smears were mis-read
  • Sufficient or required examinations and investigations were not administered

All types of cancer are covered


If you have cancer, it does not matter what type it is. We have won large amounts of compensation for our clients in claims for medical negligence. We deal with prostate, breast, cervical, stomach, skin. Cancer in all parts of the body can be claimed for.

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Occasionally, cancer can be detected in the early stages, but is misdiagnosed. It is possible for patients to be treated incorrectly and even to undergo surgical and medical procedures that were not required.

The effect of this can be catastrophic upon the patient, with them experiencing both physical and psychological negative consequences as a result.

In cases of breast cancer, women may have had breast tissue taken away in error, leaving them emotionally and physically scarred. If you, or a loved one, should find yourself in this position, our medical negligence team can help you to win compensation

Our professional medical compensation team deals all of these issues. With years of experience and knowledge behind them, you’ll be treated with the utmost consideration and respect. We cannot make the problem go away, but we will do all possible to put right what has been done wrong.


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