When you or a loved one enters a care home, you expect a professional standard of care. It can come as something of a shock when care received within the home is not acceptable – or, even worse, life threatening.

Unfortunately, there are occasions when the care administered to elderly residents in homes is totally unacceptable. This can often result in distress, pain and injury for the affected party.

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Common complaints

Although it shouldn’t be the case, the level of care received in care homes throughout the UK does vary considerably. If you have had to contend with any of the following, compensation could be payable to you:

  • Bed sores or pressure ulcers
  • Errors or problems with medication
  • Lack of professional medical care resulting in delayed referral to hospital in an emergency
  • Injuries from poor or incorrect handling
  • Injury due to falls i.e. broken bones, trauma etc

What circumstances apply?

These sorts of problem can occur due to a variety of circumstances:

  • Pressure sores – these can be incredibly painful and difficult to treat, and they do not always heal. Infection can set in which can enhance the seriousness of the condition. Bed sores and ulcers should not occur if patient care is up to scratch
  • Prescription errors – dealing out medication incorrectly, or prescribing the wrong dosage or drug, can have a major impact upon elderly people who are already fragile. Administering pharmaceuticals late, or at the wrong time, can also play havoc with patient’s health and wellbeing
  • Injuries from falls – incorrect handling, or not giving sufficient assistance with getting in and out of beds or baths, can result in serious injury and damage to elderly people. We can deal with falls related to any of these circumstances, or the misuse of mobility equipment
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What sorts of claims are successful?

If a claim can be substantiated and has resulted due to poor care and attention, then many are successful when it comes to achieving full compensation. We’ve successfully fought claims for:

  • The lack of provision of correct equipment, care or handling
  • Not providing walking aids, wheelchairs, bed frames or adequate assistance
  • Not using the correct techniques to move or lift patients
  • Careless use of medication

How can compensation help?

Once compensation is achieved, it can help the elderly person that has suffered in many ways:

  • Private medical treatment can be used to treat resulting conditions
  • Care can be provided at home
  • Help with housework and meals can be put in place
  • Any monetary sum can be used to make good any loss of earnings involved in the claim

If you have any problems at all with services received in a care home then do get in touch with our fully skilled and knowledgeable compensation legal team.

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