Death or fatal injury negligence claims can be the most difficult and upsetting to deal with, as it is not the affected person making the claim but those left behind. Loved ones and members of the family are already going to be in a state of shock, so we understand that dealing with a claim for compensation may be last thing they want to think about.

No compensation case will help to relieve the sense of loss, but it can support you and alleviate financial burdens. This is especially true if the main breadwinner of the family has been lost or other monetary problems have occurred.

What can a claims expert help with?

Once you instruct a Solicitor to help, they will represent the estate of the deceased.

These types of claims can be very intricate and difficult which is why you need the services of an expert in this field to work for you. The events that led up to the occurrence can vary, but here are just a few examples of claims that may manifest:

  • Death has occurred due to surgery or treatment by a medical professional
  • A medical condition has not been detected or diagnosed
  • Cancer was present but was not diagnosed or treated

A claim for compensation can be made whether the treatment was carried out by a G.P., hospital, pharmacist, dentist or private physician.

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How will the claims process take place?

It may be necessary for a post mortem to be conducted so that the cause of death is conclusive. This may also be carried out if death or fatal injury occurs due to violence, accident, surgical operation or medical treatment.  If the post mortem proves to be inconclusive, an inquest may be ordered.

Your Solicitor will then ask for full details of the case, and family members will need to give a precise history of events leading up to the event, along with dates and any symptoms or problems that occurred. Once you have handed information to your consultant, he and his legal team will prepare the case for court if this is required. Very often, these cases are settled before this stage, so do not worry that you will have to attend court.

By involving the services of a professional death and fatal injury negligence lawyer, you can be assured of receiving help and support as well as adequate recompense for your loss.

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