Many of us are treated by the NHS on a regular basis and have no problem at all. However, occasionally things can go wrong. We can step in to help, and assist you in obtaining compensation.

You do not have to be admitted to hospital to be able to make a claim, although we cover this. You may have been treated poorly by your GP, or may have been given incorrect prescription medication. You may suffer when undergoing outpatient surgery.

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If you have been injured or suffered as the result of NHS not administering treatment in accordance with its own standards, you are able to look at making a claim against the NHS for compensation due to negligence on their part.

Our Medical Negligence Solicitors have the knowledge and experience and are incredibly skilful when it comes to knowing how to put your case forward in order to obtain the maximum amount of compensation that may be payable to you.

Evidence is essential

When you get in touch to discuss your potential claim with us, we will take full details and gather evidence in order to investigate your claim. We will require copies of medical records and we will ask you to sign medical record consent forms. All medical records are kept with the strictest confidence.


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The facts matter

Most importantly, we will look at the NHS standard of care that you should have received and compare it to what you actually received. We will look in depth at how the doctor or consultant may have committed errors and how they impacted upon the damage or injury that you sustained. We work closely with a panel of medical and health professionals and experts and will consult with them whenever necessary to determine whether the medic’s treatment fell below the required standard.

Each claim is different

Just as each patient is different, so is every claim. We take on simple cases and the very complex ones too, so settlement times can vary a great deal. Occasionally, claims can settle within only a few months, but in other situations, they can be ongoing for years. Rest assured that no matter how long it needs to take, we will do all possible to bring your case to a conclusion as soon as is practically possible. At all times, we will act in your best interests.

Get in touch with us now for help and support if you feel that you have been badly let down by NHS professionals due to negligence in treatment, surgery or lack of care. Complaint or Litigation claim? Read our article on the NHS complaints procedure.

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