Can I sue
my Dentist
for Negligence?

Visiting the dentist can be a worrying time, particularly if you feel nervous or apprehensive at the thought of treatment. However, for most of us, this proves to be unwarranted, and we find ourselves leaving the dental surgery feeling relieved and with our dental problems resolved.

However, what would you do if your visit to the dentist goes wrong, and you suffer unnecessary damage, stress, and pain?

If you feel that the treatment received from your dentist may have been negligent, then it is worth finding out if you can pursue dental negligence compensation. Whether you paid for private treatment or were dealt with as an NHS patient, it makes no difference; you were owed a duty of care, and if this has not been provided, you should consider your options with regards to dental negligence claims.

What sort of dental problems can you claim for?

If you think that you were treated without good reason, or that the standard of treatment fell below that of a competent dentist, you may be entitled to claim dental negligence compensation.

Here are just a few examples of poor dental treatment that may provide valid reasons to claim for dental negligence:

  • Teeth extracted incorrectly
  • Infections contracted due to lack of care
  • Failure to diagnose dental conditions which later lead to complications
  • Poor application of anaesthetic
  • Failing to check medical history or allergies
  • Problems due to staff being insufficiently trained or qualified
  • Failure of cosmetic restoration work

Follow-on events

As a result of any of the above, or a similar problem, you may find yourself struggling with pain, infection, cosmetic damage, and further prolonged treatment to remedy the damage caused. Dental negligence can have far-reaching effects and potentially psychological trauma. The events can be long-lasting and, in spite of remedial action being taken, you may be left with permanent damage to your mouth, teeth, or gums.

Negligent treatment can also cost you more in dental treatment fees to remedy the problem caused, all of which can be factored into dental negligence claims.

Proof of negligence

Before a dental negligence compensation claim can begin, we will need to assess whether your dentist was technically negligent. This is done by showing a competent dentist, dental nurse, or hygienist would not have made the same mistake. We will assess if negligence occurred by reviewing if any of the following occurred during your treatment:

  • Incorrect dosage of medication
  • Diagnosis being fatally flawed
  • Diagnosis completely missed
  • Dental surgery carried out badly
  • Teeth removed without good cause
  • Serious errors with regard to treatment
  • Failure to correctly manage and identify gum disease.

Mistakes can happen in dental practice, but you should not have to pay the price for dental negligence; after all, dentists have professional indemnity insurance for this precise reason. If your dentist has caused you to suffer physically, mentally, or financially, then you may be able to make a claim for dental negligence. Contact us today for support.

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