Have Your Medical Records Been Spied On by a Midwife or other Medical Professional?

A 28-year-old midwife has lost her job with an NHS Trust after admitting to spying on medical records of 29 individuals in Colchester over 18 months.

National law firm Armstrong Solicitors (BeenLetDown) are currently acting for two Claimants who are bringing claims for breach of data protection and misuse of private information.

The Data Protection breaches in this case were carried out by midwife assistant Brioney Woolfe from December 2014 to May 2016 and discovered when an individual reported that their medical records had been leaked to Woolfe’s ex-partner. The NHS employee described herself as “nosy” and said she had succumbed to pressure from friends in her small town to access information while they were waiting for responses from doctors.


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How were the identity thefts carried out?

The Court heard that Woolfe had accessed 29 sets of medical records, belonging to 23 women and 6 men, including a man who had taken an overdose and parents of her children’s friends before upcoming birthday parties. 21 of the records were accessed through Medway patient portal system, but only two of the midwife’s victims were pregnant.

Woolfe, who it was claimed had “an unblemished record” before these offences, lost her job with the NHS Trust at Colchester General Hospital after being reported to the Head of Midwifery there. She claimed she had “never done any of these acts maliciously” and that she had become carried away by her own curiosity after the aforementioned pressure to “look up records for friends, as well as an individual who her ex-partner feared for the safety of.” She also claimed that depression and anxiety over unsociable hours and cuts to local maternity units were at play.

Whatever the circumstances, it was found by Chairman of the Bench, Donald Wicks, that these actions were “serious breaches of patient confidentiality, particularly as some of the information was passed onto a third party.” Woolfe was fined £1,050 for the offences and also order to pay a further £665 in legal costs.


How would I go about making a claim?

Any individual who thinks they may have fallen victim to a breach of confidentiality due to the offences committed in this case, or any similar event, should locate a specialist Data Protection Solicitor. Been Let Down are part of National Law firm Armstrong Solicitors, we have an extensive track record of successful legal representation in the field of Data Protection and media-related claims. Our vastly experienced legal team can provide a diligent and highly competent approach in representing your claim.

A number of people have had their privacy violated in this case and in many similar cases around the country, people who are rightly looking for recognition and/or recompense. If you believe that you have suffered from identity theft like the one in this case, please contact us today and we’ll be able to talk through the ways in which Been Let Down can offer you helpful legal support and insight.

For a confidential conversation that is both free and offered without obligation, get in touch with Been Let Down today. We guarantee that our Senior Solicitor Mr. Stephen Edwards and his expert legal team will be able to offer you the kind of legal advice you need to decide whether a negligence claim is the right course of action for you. You can contact us by phone on 0151 5561839 or request a callback over at www.beenletdown.co.uk

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