NHS Negligence Claims

NHS Negligence Claim

The NHS is currently the world’s fifth biggest employer, with over 1.5m staff. NHS medical staff have a duty of care to patients, and if they fail in those obligations, causing harm, their actions may constitute medical negligence.

If you have suffered due to NHS negligence, you may wish to pursue a claim for compensation. Been Let Down, professional negligence Solicitors, have a robust track record of providing trusted advice in the field of medical negligence.

How do I begin an NHS negligence claim?

To commence a claim for NHS negligence with Been Let Down, the first step is an initial telephone consultation. The aim of this is to allow us to identify the specifics of your claim and its chance of success. If we believe what happened in your case was negligence and there is sufficient time remaining within the 3-year time limitation period for medical negligence claims, we will advise you have a valid claim for compensation. If you wish to proceed, the next stage will be to (with your consent) request and review your medical records to prove an act of negligence occurred.

Acts of negligence

For a claim against the NHS to be successful, we need to establish a medical professional as either done something, or failed to do something, which no reasonably competent medical professional would have done in the same circumstance; we will seek an expert medical opinion to prove that this is the case. In addition, we must also show that the negligence caused the identifiable harm. This can be challenging in a case whereby the patient had existing injury or illness, as it needs to be proven that the negligence has worsened the pre-existing situation.

There are many acts which qualify as negligent, including the following:

  • Clinical misdiagnosis
  • Death of a loved one due to negligence
  • Unsuccessful surgery due to negligence
  • Injury due to malpractice
  • Incorrect amputation

What does a claim cost?

If we determine that your claim can be pursued, then in most cases we offer a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA), which is more commonly known as a “No Win No Fee” claim. This means we will not charge you at any stage, and we will recover our legal costs and disbursements from the opponent if you are successful with the claim.

Not only does this arrangement demonstrate we believe you have a strong case, but it also protects you financially.

If you wish to know more about how we can assist you, please contact one of our experienced team of NHS negligence Solicitors by calling 0151 321 1000. Alternatively, you can request a call-back for a suitable time, or complete our online claims form, both of which are available at


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