Property Damage Due
To Professional Negligence

Claim Compensation against Property Damage

If you’ve suffered financial loss or property damage due to the negligence of a surveyor, builder, contractor, or other building or trade professional we may be able to help.

Embarking on a renovation can be a truly stressful and difficult, but rewarding undertaking. Due to the large sums of money often involved, it’s important to know that you can get recompense when things go wrong.

In property damage cases, losses are not just financial, they can be highly emotional – especially if it’s your own home. Properties are often passed down and can become family heirlooms in themselves. Therefore, it is natural to be distressed and upset due to the lack of care or sub-par service on the part of a professional in the construction industry. Not to mention the health concerns if building work leaves a dangerous property.

Although it’s well known that there are ‘cowboys’ in the building trade, most surveyors, architects, and building tradesmen do adhere to the rigorous guidelines, regulations, and specifications set out by the governing bodies of the building trade. However, when things do go wrong, you need an experienced Solicitor that can guide you through the myriad rules and regulations and advise of whether you have a case for negligence.

At Been Let Down our Solicitors are highly experienced at winning such cases and we can help you get the compensation you deserve. We will listen to the particulars of your predicament and assess whether you have grounds for a negligence case, or it is technically a complaint. The amount of compensation you could receive is determined by a number of factors including replacement or repair costs, loss of use until replaced or repaired, and even amounts based on the subjective testimony of sentimental value.

Therefore it is vital if you have suffered financial loss because of property damage due to negligence, then you must seek the best representation. At Been Let Down, we are specialist Solicitors with a wealth of experience in pursuing professional negligence claims, and we are accredited with both the Professional Negligence Lawyers Association and the Solicitors Regulation Authority (the regulatory body of the legal profession in the UK).

After submitting your initial claim either through our online claim form or requesting a call-back, we will phone you to discuss your claim. From day one you’ll be speaking to an experienced negligence Solicitor. All initial enquiries are of course free of charge and free of obligation. What’s more, we usually take cases on a No Win No Fee basis, ensuring financial peace of mind for our clients.

So, whether you’ve been poorly advised by a surveyor or architect, or been let down by a builder or tradesman, don’t delay; get in contact, and we will help you get the compensation due to you.



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