Although a Solicitor is someone who is usually highly trained and professional, there are times when things go wrong. Whilst it is never ideal when this happens, you don’t have to suffer the consequences without support. You can make a negligence claim against the Solicitor in question.

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What Exactly Happens in Solicitor Negligence Cases?

If you have ever needed to hire a Solicitor and then found that they have not advised you properly or not handled your case or transaction correctly, then this could be tantamount to Solicitor negligence and could be grounds for you to make a claim. The Solicitor may have been hired to represent you in a court or employment tribunal for example and may have missed a time limit or failed to take a vital step for you that caused you to be unsuccessful at the court or tribunal. Because the Solicitor is required to act in your best interests, if they do not do so then they can be held liable.

What Kinds of Solicitors Can Be Subjected to a Negligence Claim?

Any Solicitor could face a client making a negligence claim against them if they have misadvised them or not conducted their claim or transaction properly, and the client has suffered a loss as a result. For example you could make a negligence claim against a:

  • Personal injury Solicitor
  • Medical negligence Solicitor
  • Family law Solicitor
  • Property Solicitor
  • Employment Solicitor
  • Will and probate Solicitor
  • Commercial and business Solicitor
  • Litigation Solicitor
  • Defamation Solicitor.

If you have been the victim of negligence from any of these Solicitors, you shouldn’t delay in pursuing a claim so that you can be compensated for the losses that you have suffered.

Time Limits

It is important to keep to time limits when it comes to making any negligence claim. As soon as it becomes apparent that your Solicitor may have been negligent, you should make your negligence claim. As a general rule you will only have 6 years from the negligent act to start a claim.

How Should You Go About Making a Claim?

You should contact a professional negligence Solicitor who will be able to assist you with your claim. They will help to assess just how severe the loss has been to you and the impact that it has had on your situation. The Solicitor will be able to advise you on the cost of pursuing the claim and whether or not they believe that you will be successful in making the claim. You should make sure that you check any insurance policies that you currently hold, as legal fees are often covered by policies that you already own.

Beenletdown offer no win no fee agreements in suitable cases.

You must be sure to keep records of all correspondence with your Solicitor, as you will need to provide evidence that you have suffered a loss due to the negligent actions of the Solicitor.

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