If you have a complaint about dissatisfaction with your solicitor, it can be difficult to know where to begin to look for help. You may consider turning to the legal ombudsman, which is often a good course of action. You might also consider contacting the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), who are the body responsible for regulating the legal profession and for ensuring that all legal professionals adhere to their code of conduct.

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What is the Legal Ombudsman and what can they help with?

The legal ombudsman are a free, impartial and independent body that have been set up to deal with and resolve disputes and complaints relating to lawyers, solicitors and the Legal Service Industry. When you contact them they will look at the facts of each case and weigh up the comments and points of view from both sides of the dispute. The Legal Ombudsman deals with a variety of complaints such as issues around buying and selling a house, making a personal injury claim or solving problematic issues relating to family law.

The Legal Ombudsman can help you with complaints against any kind of legal services provider. These include; solicitors, barristers, licensed conveyancers, cost lawyers, legal executives, notaries, patent attorneys, trademark attorneys and in fact all law firms and companies that provide regulated legal services.

Primarily, the Legal Ombudsman is there to help with claims of poor service, and for these purposes they can offer an extremely effective and valuable service. However, what most people don’t realise when they initially contact them is that the Legal Ombudsman are in fact unable to provide any legal advice at all, and cannot represent you in any legal proceedings. This means that if you have an issue that is not just about poor service – but something that has caused you financial or other loss and are therefore seeking compensation for that loss, then unfortunately the Legal Ombudsman cannot help you to pursue that claim for compensation.

Instead you could contact the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). Rather than just dealing with complaints about poor service, the SRA as a regulatory body can deal with more serious issues that might amount to professional negligence. They can ensure that your solicitor meets the standards required by the SRA and complies with their code of practice. However, just as with the Ombudsman, the SRA cannot award or help you to pursue compensation.

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If you believe that you have experienced solicitor negligence and have incurred a loss for which you want to seek compensation, then your most effective option is to find a solicitor specialising in such matters to pursue your claim. As experts in the field of solicitor negligence, our team at Been Let Down are the best option for exploring your claim for compensation. All of our initial consultations are free and you are at no obligation to take your claim further.

After contacting us, which you can do by phone or via the initial claim form on our website, you will be called back by one of our experienced negligence solicitors who will take down further details to assess your case. We will only take on your case if we think it has a reasonable chance of success. If we do take on your claim then we can usually offer to do so on a No Win, No Fee basis, meaning there is no risk of financial burden to yourself. Don’t forget that legal time limits often apply, so don’t delay your claim any further, please get in contact today. We can help you get the compensation you seek.

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