Solicitor Negligence for
Personal Injury Cases

Claims against Personal Injury Cases

When using the services of a personal injury Solicitor to look after a compensation claim, you expect them to handle your case professionally and competently. If this is not the case and you feel that your case was handled poorly, then you may have a strong case for claiming Solicitor professional negligence. At Been Let Down, we understand how truly devastating an adverse decision against a personal injury claim can be for those affected.

What sort of situations can be claimed for?

Was your claim poorly dealt with or the compensation received far less than you had been led to believe? Were you treated without due care, causing you to suffer financially or emotionally? If your personal injury claim has been concluded, but you feel let down and disappointed by the service received, and/or the compensation paid out, it is worth considering making a claim for professional negligence.

How can personal injury Solicitors be negligent?

Claims for personal injury have to abide by strict guidelines. Your Solicitor may have jeopardised your case in several ways, including:

  • Missing the three-year limitation date to issue court proceedings
  • Not proceeding with a case when it would have succeeded
  • Not gathering evidence together correctly or thoroughly
  • Not preparing for your case in detail
  • Not obtaining expert evidence to support your claim
  • Not adhering to your instructions
  • Failing to comply with a court order
  • Missing financial losses which should have been included in the claim

Any of these reasons or more could have resulted in your case failing to achieve any compensation at all, or receiving a sum much lower than the one to which you should have been entitled.

How can putting in a claim help?

If you feel badly let down by your personal injury Solicitor and the way they have behaved, you should consult an expert now. We can help you claim for professional negligence against them, to recover the losses and compensation you were due.

By engaging one of our specialist Solicitors, you can relax in the knowledge that your claim is back on track, and any financial or personal losses have the best chance of being recovered.

Time is of paramount importance; therefore it is recommended that you speak to us as soon as possible, regardless of the current status of your case. If you feel your claim is being mishandled, a claim for personal injury Solicitor negligence may now be the best route to realising your original goal of securing the compensation you are owed.


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