Solicitor Negligence In
Property and Conveyancing

Conveyancing and Property Claims

Buying or selling a residential or commercial property can represent one of our most important life events, and is often the biggest purchase we will ever make. To handle the conveyancing process most buyers and sellers instruct their local solicitor or search online for a Conveyancing Solicitor. Unfortunately, most opt for the cheapest quote, not realising the importance of the conveyancing process, and the cost of getting this wrong.

All too many conveyancing transactions do not complete according to plan; errors can occur, and land searches can be missed or misinterpreted, resulting in serious implications for the client. If you consider that your Conveyancing Solicitor has been negligent in a current or previous purchase or sale, resulting in financial loss, or loss of chance, please contact our legal team today.

You will be able to discuss your conveyancing negligence claim with one of our Negligence Solicitors here at Been Let Down, in the strictest of confidence. The financial implications of Solicitor Negligence from a Conveyancing Solicitor can be devastating to your personal and/or company finances.

One option available is to complain to the Council of Lenders, however, their powers are limited with regards to recognising and punishing conveyancing negligence; the maximum they can award for errors resulting in financial loss is only £5000. For a more substantial conveyancing negligence claim, the advisable course of action is to contact a trusted Negligence Solicitor to assess the legal details of your claim.

It is important that when you discover that your Conveyancing Solicitor has been negligent, you find a Professional Negligence Solicitor who is sensitive to the factors involved in your case and understands the issues which matter to you. We have handled many such cases and understand the stress and concern you are experiencing. As such the legal team at Been Let Down will support and guide you through your conveyancing negligence claim in a supportive, personable, and expert manner.

What types of conveyancing negligence claims are there?

There are a number of key conveyancing issues that can qualify for a conveyancing negligence claim, including:

  • Serious Defects in the title of the property — including not having adequate rights of way/access to the property, or rights to services such as water, electric, and sewers etc.
  • Not being informed by the Conveyancing Solicitor of any planning restrictions and/or other restrictive covenants impeding the property
  • Not being informed about neighbouring demolition or building projects
  • Failing to identify and report problems with the property’s title — e.g. failing to notice a charge against the property
  • Failure of the Conveyancing Solicitor to inform their client of any property boundary disputes
  • Not advising that part of the land and/or property was not included in the sale, e.g. garden or garage
  • Failing to carry out all of the relevant property searches required
  • Proceeding to exchange contracts without providing adequate instructions to the client
  • Failure by the Conveyancing Solicitor to properly explain a leasehold/freehold agreement
  • Failing to report a mortgage or charge on the property’s title

How do I find expert help with a conveyancing claim?

If you consider that your Conveyancing Solicitor has ‘let you down’ as a result of a negligent act, and that has caused you financial loss, then you may have cause to pursue a conveyancing negligence compensation claim. By pursuing your claim with the legal guidance of an expert Negligence Solicitor, you have the best chance of achieving the recognition and recompense you are owed due to the conveyancing negligence you have suffered.

When assessing your case, it will be important to differentiate between service that was poor, and service that was negligent. If it was technically defined as poor, but not negligent, you may be able to submit a formal complaint; please refer to our ‘Negligence or just a complaint?’ page for further information.

If you are confident that you have suffered a recognisable financial loss due to the actions of a Conveyancing Solicitor, you should get in touch with us today by phone, or the online claims form on our Contact page. One of the legal team at Been Let Down will listen to the facts of your case and advise if you have a valid conveyancing negligence claim.



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