Leading National Law Firm, Armstrong Solicitors Limited, represent 30 individuals who were child patients of Aston Hall hospital in the 1960’s and 70’s.

These former patients have made allegations of physical and sexual abuse that occurred during their time at Aston Hall Hospital, which is now closed. Armstrong Solicitors act for these individuals in respect of civil claims for damages arising out of the abuse. The allegations made by the former patients are currently under investigation by Derbyshire Constabulary. The investigation is ongoing, and the Police are unable to comment at the moment. In respect of the allegations of abuse, patients have told how they were “stripped, bound, drugged and thrown into padded rooms”… “to find out why they were misbehaving”. Some victims also allege that they were sexually abused.

Most of the victims also allege that consent was never obtained and they were completely unaware of the treatment which they were subjected to at the Hospital.

Dr. Kenneth Milner, the lead psychiatrist and hospital Chief Superintendent at Aston Hall between 1947 – 1975, is alleged to have injected children with ‘truth serum’ called Sodium Amytal which is a strong barbiturate. The treatment is sometimes also called Narco Analysis and has its origin in treating injured soldiers in World War II. The main effect of Sodium Amytal is that it makes the recipient lose all inhibitions giving the feeling of helplessness. The drug is completely unsuitable for children.

Prior to Dr. Milner’s tenure at Aston Hall, he worked as a psychiatrist at Broadmoor Hospital and Rampton Hospital. Dr. Milner died in 1976, just one year after he left the institution.

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It is alleged by the victims, that under sedation, Dr. Milner would ask children as young as 10 years old inappropriate sexual questions. He would also delve into their parent’s sexual behaviors and ask whether their parents were abusing them. Some of the children also allege that Dr. Milner sexually abused them whist they were under the influence of this powerful drug.

Armstrong Solicitors are in communication with the Defendant’s legal representatives who are currently investigating the allegations and claims.

If you were a patient at Aston Hall Hospital and you were subjected to what you consider to be abusive/inappropriate treatment from Dr. Kenneth Milner or any other medical professional, we may be able to assist you to bring a claim and seek justice.

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