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Suing Or Claiming Against An Insurance Broker

Individuals and businesses alike often turn to insurance brokers for bespoke insurance products. Brokers typically act as a third-party intermediary between the customer and the insurance company underwriting the policy. They also play active roles in claims management and notification to the underwriting insurer.

Been Let Down have worked with a number of clients who have suffered insurance broker negligence, so we’ve put together a short guide to help inform you on the key details around insurance broker negligence claims in the UK.

What does an Insurance Broker do?

The role of the insurance broker is to listen to the needs of their clients and to seek out insurance cover which is adequate for their needs.

This requires assessment of a range of insurance products from different insurers, to find those policies with the most comprehensive level of cover to meet the needs of the client, and is suitable from a cost perspective.

Insurance brokers typically work in the in areas of:

  • Car insurance — private or business
  • Employers liability
  • Public liability
  • Professional indemnity
  • Travel insurance
  • Reinsurance
  • Before the event products such as legal cover

How do I know if an Insurance Broker has been negligent?

Insurance brokers are generally independent businesses with no ties to specific insurers (unless they specify that they do). Problems can arise when the insurer either recommends or mis-sells an insurance product because of an incentive offered by the underwriting insurer. Depending on the level of mis-selling, they may have committed insurance broker negligence.

Typically, if an insurance broker has let you down, they may have done one or more of the following:

  • Provided inadequate insurance cover
  • Not insuring all risks which you specified
  • Not providing a policy which fits your needs
  • Providing a restrictive insurance product which could bring adverse risk
  • Not following your instructions causing financial loss
  • Failing to purchase the insurance product
  • Failing to report a risk to the insurance company
  • Failing to renew the policy upon instruction to do so
  • Negligence claim handling resulting in losses or damage to reputation

We are not able to assist you if the service which you have been provided is simply poor. If this is the case, you may be able to submit a formal complaint; please refer to our ‘Negligence or just a complaint‘ page for further information.

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