Orthopaedic Injury

Orthopaedic Trauma Compensation

Traumatic injuries can have a major impact not only on your health but also on your everyday life. If you have ever suffered an orthopaedic injury, or anything that has incapacitated for a period, you may have also struggled financially due to being unable to work.

What are orthopaedic injuries?

First of all, let’s clarify exactly what an orthopaedic injury comprises.

If you have suffered medical trauma to a limb, your spine, hands, feet, muscles, ligaments, joints, bones, tendons, nerves, this will fall under the category of an orthopaedic injury.

Orthopaedic injuries can arise from a serious accident or other events such as surgery which has not proceeded correctly.

Here are just a few of the areas of surgery that may cause you to suffer orthopaedic injury:

  • Surgery on the arm
  • Knee surgery
  • Replacement of the hip
  • Surgery on the hands
  • Surgery on the ankles
  • Surgery to the shoulders
  • Leg or foot surgery
  • Replacement knee

What to do if surgery goes wrong

If you have suffered orthopaedic problems during surgery, and you feel the clinician overseeing your care did not treat you professionally, you may consider claiming for compensation.

It might be the orthopaedic Surgeon failed to inform you of all of the risks associated with your surgery, and as a result, something you were not advised of has eventuated, causing damage to your health.

If your orthopaedic injury was not due to surgery, but due to a slip or trip, or some other form of accident that was not your fault, a claim can still be made. By suing the party that caused the problem, you can expect to receive financial redress that will help to cover all of your losses. This may cover loss of earnings, stress, trauma, and pain suffered during the event, and treatment or therapy needed to restore your life back to the way it was prior to the incident, as much as is feasible.

If you feel that you have a possible claim due to orthopaedic injury, you should speak to a claims specialist as soon as possible. Many cases are dealt with on a No-Win-No-Fee basis, but time constraints do apply. For this reason, you should take advice as soon as possible after the problem occurred.

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