Medical Negligence Solicitors

Medical Negligence?

This is an increasing problem

Medical Negligence (or Medical Malpractice) is an increasing problem across the UK, with a large number of cases and compensation claims being faced by the NHS and other private medical institutions over the past few years. The pressure on NHS staff to deliver quality service is an ever-increasing requirement, with a high standard of care expected. Unfortunately, the care that is delivered does not always meet these standards.

Here at Been Let Down, we are expert medical negligence Solicitors who help individuals and families to gain recognition and recompense for any medical negligence they may have suffered. We are aware that many cases related to medical negligence have previously gone unreported to the authorities. And owing to the unwavering trust that many put in their Doctors, there are many instances in which malpractice even goes undetected.




Bringing to light cases of medical negligence is pivotal to raising the standards of care across all professional medical services and facilities. We understand that suffering an act of medical negligence can have a long-term impact on the health and well-being of an individual and/or their family, and may require ongoing care. We can help secure recompense to help cover this financial burden.

The NHS litigation authority puts aside billions each year to cover the cost of damages paid out for victims of medical negligence. It is expected £50bn will be required to pay for future claims due to the rising number of medical negligence cases across the NHS. With the alarming rate at which medical negligence is increasing, legal action is becoming the best solution not only to seek to curb this worrying level of negligence, but also provide support to victims and their families.

Here at Been Let Down, we have a team of highly experienced expert medical negligence Solicitors who have a successful track record of representing clients in these types of cases. From our offices in the Northwest of England, we cater to a variety of clients around the country, from individuals to large groups. We have a reputation for diligence and a highly professional approach that has seen us represent clients successfully in courts nationwide.

In addition to the expertise we offer, we strive to provide medical negligence legal services with great success fee deals, meaning that you gain access to elite representation at no financial risk to yourself whilst maximising the compensation you receive. We will provide helpful and transparent legal support from the moment you contact us, beginning with a free initial medical negligence consultation.

The process starts with a no-obligation meeting where we will discuss the details of your medical negligence case. Following this, we will help you collate any evidence and assess the chances of building a successful negligence claim. We’ll be honest from the outset, allowing you to understand exactly where you stand legally. We are aware that anyone who has suffered from medical negligence will already have gone through more than enough distress, and we will seek to minimise any legal confusion or worry you could face. Our job is to take the weight off your shoulders, and allow you to concentrate on your day to day needs, and those of your family.

Our team of legal experts are experienced across a range of medical negligence cases; from missed diagnosis and misdiagnosis, to mistakes made during surgery. Whatever form of negligence you have suffered, finding a trusted medical negligence Solicitor is a vital part of securing the full recognition and compensation you are entitled to.

If you or a loved one has been a victim of medical negligence, and you have suffered loss, pain and/or harm as a result, then you may have a case for compensation. For anyone in Merseyside, Manchester, or beyond, we bring leading customer service, expertise, and experience to medical negligence cases.

Any form of medical or clinical negligence can have a huge impact on your life. We tend to put our trust in medical professionals, thinking nothing can go wrong. After all, they are the experts. But things do not always go as they should, and incorrect medical treatment or advice can have grave consequences.

How to get help

If you have suffered pain or injury due to clinical negligence, it is paramount that you contact an expert Solicitor who is experienced and adept at dealing with medical negligence claims and litigation. Not only will we secure the compensation and rehabilitation you need to ensure the best outcome, but we will provide support and guidance. We have dealt with many such claims and we understand what you are experiencing.

Even if you were not the subject of the claim, but a loved one, a claims Solicitor can work on their behalf. By assessing the claim diligently and putting forward the best possible case, the maximum amount of compensation will be obtained.

Examples of clinical and medical negligence

With the extremely high volume of patients undergoing medical treatment, diagnosis, and procedures, many cases of clinical negligence do occur each year. Here are just a few of the incidents that can result in a claim against medical staff:

  • A diagnosis being incorrect or unduly delayed
  • Treatment not being adequate or suitable
  • Symptoms ignored
  • A medical device or item not functioning as it should
  • An operation being carried out badly or incorrectly

Of course, there are many other mistakes that constitute medical or clinical negligence.

Always consult an expert in this field

Clinical negligence claims need to be dealt with by an expert Solicitor as cases can be highly complex, some more so than others. For example, surgical error or injury sustained during a birth must be handled in a prescribed way to ensure a successful claim.

Using a Solicitor who has already dealt with many similar cases successfully, you can be assured of peace of mind throughout the entire process.

The next step

Do you think you have a potential claim for medical or clinical negligence? If so, get in touch with our claims professionals as soon as possible. You have a three-year time limit to bring your claim, so time is of the essence.

We will provide support and guidance throughout the claim process, ensuring it is ultimately successful.

To find out more about our range of expert legal services, we encourage you to contact Been Let Down today. We are available by phone, our online claims form, or you can request a call back for a more convenient time. One of our friendly and knowledgeable legal team will be able to discuss the specifics of your case, and then arrange an initial consultation meeting to assess a possible claim for medical negligence.

Clinical Negligence Solicitors

Clinical negligence, sometimes referred to as medical negligence, is an unfortunate but not uncommon occurrence. Despite the proficiency of our private and NHS healthcare workers, accidents do happen, and when they do, you deserve recompense.

To be successful in receiving compensation, it isn’t always necessary to go to court. If you’re more interested in receiving an apology than financial compensation, it is recommended you contact the relevant hospital trust directly. This alone can help stop institutional problems and prevent the same experience from happening to anyone else.

However, often clinical negligence can lead to a significant loss of income and additional costs for medical treatment, equipment, and associated items. If this has happened to you, you should contact a clinical negligence Lawyer as soon as possible to see if and how much you can claim.

How will I know if I have a case?

In the majority of clinical negligence cases you will need to prove two conditions:

  1. The trust or Doctor caused your harm as a result of failing to do something, or making a mistake no competent person in the same profession would have made.
  2. The harm you suffered was a direct result of the negligent action/s.

In a court of law, this would be judged on a balance of probability.

Clinical negligence claims are assessed by a Judge based on the testimonials of medical professionals, hence you need to be confident that they’ll testify in your favour.

How do I find a clinical negligence Solicitor?

Clinical negligence is quite different from personal injury, the cases are very different and require a specific set of skills; as such, any Solicitor you engage must be specifically trained in the area of clinical and medical negligence.

When seeking a Lawyer, you should ask a lot of questions and try to get an understanding of what experience this person has in this area of the law.

Try to find out if they’ve dealt with a case just like yours before, bearing in mind that there are many different facets to medical negligence, especially if children or brain damage are part of the equation.

Make sure the Lawyer makes you feel comfortable and is able to explain your contract fully. This person will be your advocate throughout the process, and you need to be confident that they are working in your best interest to resolve the case easily without putting you through any more distress.

Clinical negligence claims are rarely easy, but if you go into it with a solid understanding of the process and with a trustworthy, experienced Lawyer, you will be able to come out the other side with the compensation you are due and will be able to move on with your life.

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