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Architect & Property Negligence

Architects are highly skilled construction professionals specialising in the design and alteration of buildings. They typically prepare drawings, provide cost estimates in conjunction with a quantity surveyor, and enter into contracts to supervise and manage building projects.

If an architect has designed a building and the subsequent construction was undertaken by a building contractor, the architect may be responsible for the works being acceptable in accordance with the standard building regulations and architectural plans.

Like all professionals, Architects must act with reasonable skill, care, and the diligence expected of a competent member of his/her profession. Standard of care is usually established by reference to the general practice of the profession in question.

In most building projects, there is a contract between the client and the architect, which sets out the duties and responsibilities of both parties. This contract will also impose specific obligations and professional standards.

Have you been let down by an Architect?

Errors and/or omissions by Architects are not uncommon in the construction industry and can lead to architect negligence claims. Architect problems can lead to serious consequences for a building’s design, structure, and even its intended purpose. And the financial implications to remedy such a defect can be significant. If you consider your Architect has been negligent in the supervision, management, or design of your building project and you have suffered a financial loss, you may have a case for a negligence claim for damages.

Common Architects negligence

Examples of Architect negligence can include:

  • Inadequate plans/drawings
  • Negligent design advice
  • Negligent building supervision
  • Poor project management resulting in financial loss
  • Inadequate budget planning (grossly undervalued)
  • Contractual disputes with other building professionals which result in your financial loss to you

If you consider that you have suffered financial loss due to the negligence of an Architect, we will help you claim for damages.

It is important to distinguish between simply poor service and negligence which has led to losses. For cases of poor service, you may be able to submit a formal complaint; please refer to our ‘Negligence or just a complaint’ page for further information.

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