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Surgical Error Negligence

All surgery involves risk, and those risks should be fully explained before proceeding. If the risks of a procedure are not fully explained, and you then suffer a complication as a result of the surgery, your Doctor or Surgeon may have been negligent.

Should complications occur, it is important that they are spotted promptly so that they can be treated to minimise any further harm. Medical staff should, therefore, provide appropriate care after the operation and ensure you are given the correct advice when you go home.

You may also have received inappropriate treatment which was not required, causing you harm/unnecessary pain and suffering. And in extreme cases, a loved one may not survive or suffer irreversible harm.

Some common things that can go wrong in operations are:

  • Failure to advise on the risks
  • Performing inappropriate surgery
  • Operating without the appropriate expertise
  • Equipment malfunctioning or being left in the body
  • Inadequate technique leading to damage to the body
  • Nerve damage
  • Blood clots and loss of blood circulation
  • Infection
  • Failure to monitor or provide appropriate after-care so that complications are not noticed and acted upon
  • Mistakes during amputation surgery

If you consider you have been let down, and suffered injury and emotional distress as a result of negligent surgical treatment, you may have a strong claim for compensation and other losses.

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