Conveyancing Negligence
Compensation Claims

Conveyancing Negligence Compensation Claims

Moving house is stressful enough, but if you are unlucky enough to have problems during the conveyancing process due to negligence on the part of your Solicitor, then you may be left feeling frustrated and unsure of your legal options.

Poorly conveyancing can bring with it many implications, not least of which that your family home and your security may be put at risk. Even if your property is not affected, the chances are you are stressed and worried about the consequences of such negligence, especially as the financial consequences can be severe.

Things that can go wrong

Unless you are a first-time buyer, then the conveyancing is likely to involve both a purchase and a sale. Timing is critical, but there are many other things that can go wrong, even if your Solicitor has carried out the same process many times before.

Here are just a few examples of claims that can result from a failed or incorrect conveyance:

  • Title not being investigated
  • Restrictive Covenants not looked at
  • Rights of Way being missed
  • Building Regulations certificates not present
  • Planning problems
  • Failure to carry out full searches
  • Land Registry failures
  • Boundaries not being defined
  • Not removing Registered Charge or Mortgage
  • Not advising on the outcome of surveys/valuations
  • Not paying off the mortgage on the sold property

These are only a few examples of things that can wrong; conveyancing is a complex process which is why, if it does go awry, you should consult an expert in the field of professional negligence claims against Solicitors.

Preparing your claim

Once you have found a Solicitor to represent you who specialises in conveyancing negligence, they will want to know full details of the case. You can expect to provide them with copies of all paperwork given to you by your Solicitor, plus dates, and timings of events as they occurred. Conveyancing law is a highly complex field hence why you must instruct a Solicitor who specialises in conveyancing negligence. It will be their job to build a robust case against the Solicitors insurance company proving that you have suffered substantial and damaging losses as a result of the incompetent actions or omissions of their client.

By entrusting your case with our professional and specialist claims Solicitors, you can rest assured that your case will be handled in both a timely and efficient manner. It is essential that you are reimbursed fairly and fully for all losses incurred, whether they be financial, emotional, or practical.

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