Rhinoplasty (Nose Reconstruction)
Compensation Claims

Rhinoplasty Compensation Claims

Rhinoplasty surgery, better known as nose re-construction surgery, or a ‘nose job’, is a common procedure used for correcting and/or reconstructing the shape, functions, and appearance of the nose.

There are two main reasons why this procedure is undertaken:

  1. Cosmetic reasons – to improve the appearance of a nose
  2. Medical necessity – e.g. to improving breathing

There are several methods used when performing this type of surgery, depending on the desired outcome and the skill and training of the Surgeon. However, from time to time errors can occur and the surgery can lead to more problems.

Your Surgeon should have explained the risks and potential complications associated with the surgery before you decided to proceed; if they did not, they might have been negligent if you then went on to suffer injury, complication, or an undesired effect.

The most common complications arising from this type of surgery are:

  • Excessive bruising — post surgery
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Failed surgery (Poor surgical technique)
  • Nerve damage — leading to cognitive dysfunction and other complications
  • Damage to Nasal muscles
  • Damage to Septum (the structure which divides the nose in two).

If you consider that you have been let down and suffered injury and emotional distress as a result of a negligent nose operation, you may have a claim for compensation and other losses.


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