Medical Misdiagnosis Compensation Claims

Compensation For Medical Misdiagnosis

Suffering from a misdiagnosis in the context of medical negligence is a common problem faced by patients of medical practitioners around the UK. Medical misdiagnosis – which can lead to the need for a misdiagnosis claim – often occurs when a hospital or health worker provides an inappropriate method of care, fails to provide correct care and/or improperly executes a method of care.

In other words, the medical professional gets the diagnosis of a condition totally wrong. This can lead to lack of treatment, incorrect medication being dispensed and/or unnecessary surgery, all of which can worsen the extent and the impact of any illness or injury.

If a medical practitioner misdiagnoses a condition, it can have a long-lasting effect on a patient’s health. It is worth noting that a medical misdiagnosis can also occur when a medical practitioner fails to diagnose a medical condition completely, leading to unnecessary suffering and pain.

Any of the misdiagnosis issues mentioned can lead to a medical misdiagnosis compensation claim, whether against your GP, an NHS hospital or a private medical facility. We have a wealth of experience in misdiagnosis claims in courts across the country. Given our respect legal standing and dedicated approach to each case, we are a leading option for any considering a misdiagnosis claim.

Should any of these issues occur, you should explore the possibility of making a misdiagnosis claim through the legal support of a trusted medical misdiagnosis Solicitor. Here at Been Let Down, our expert legal team will be able to help you explore the possibility of making a medical misdiagnosis compensation claim.

What types of medical misdiagnosis claim are there?

When considering a compensation claim for medical misdiagnosis, you should be aware that this area of medical negligence covers a large range of different medical issues that may leave you in a position where you lose trust in the medical Doctors treating you, and in many cases feeling like you have nowhere to turn.

If this is the case, you should definitely contact a trusted misdiagnosis Solicitor who can advise you on your legal options, and in many cases support you with finding additional medical care in addition to guiding you on misdiagnosis claims.

The most common types of medical misdiagnosis which seem to occur in the UK, and that can qualify for a medical misdiagnosis claim, include situations such as:

  • Doctors failing to investigate symptoms which have led to severe adverse effects, even allowing the condition to become terminal in some cases
  • Doctors failing to refer patients for specialist medical advice
  • Misreporting and making errors when reviewing diagnostic scans, biopsies and smear tests
  • Doctors failing to identify and/or diagnose fractures and other musculoskeletal injuries
  • Providing the incorrect treatment for a range of illnesses or injuries
  • Misread test results and inaccurate advice given by a GP, Surgeon or other medical professional

How do I find an expert medical misdiagnosis solicitor?

If you consider that you have been let down and have suffered injury and emotional distress as a result of a failed or inaccurate diagnosis of a condition, you may have cause to claim for medical misdiagnosis compensation.

Misdiagnosis claims can take into account any pain and/or injury caused or worsened by the medical misdiagnosis suffered, as well as factoring in any other financial impacts such as loss of earnings and/or ongoing medical care.

Here at Been Let Down, our team of medical misdiagnosis Solicitors are ideally equipped to help you explore all of your legal options with regards to a claim. Via a free and no-obligation initial consultation, we can provide you with the expert legal insight of our team to assess the likelihood of a successful claim.

If we take on your legal representation, we can help with factors such as evidence gathering. We’ll keep you informed at every stage of your medical misdiagnosis compensation claim process so that you know exactly where you stand.

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