Injuries sustained at birth can be life-changing, permanently damaging and have disastrous results on the lives of the children concerned. The families involved also suffer, which is why here at Been Let Down we have an in-house team of medical negligence specialists who can help with any birth injury claims for compensation, including those related to cerebral palsy compensation.

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We deal with all sorts of birth injury claims, but a lot of these fall under the category of cerebral palsy claims. Funding can often be secured to cover the ongoing implications of your case, so that you will never be out of pocket financially. We understand that there are a range of ongoing – often lifelong – impacts related to caring for someone with cerebral palsy, which can all be factored into a cerebral palsy compensation claim.

Should the cerebral palsy suffered by your loved one have been caused or contributed to by an act of medical negligence, you may well have a cerebral palsy claim. Our team of cerebral palsy Solicitors operate as part of our expert medical negligence team. We have vast amounts of experience and comprehension of these types of problems which enable us to obtain successful outcomes for our many clients.


Cerebral palsy compensation to cover your costs

Looking after a child with cerebral palsy can be exhausting, demanding and expensive. Specialist equipment is often required, as well as care and treatment on a daily basis. Not only can a routine such as this leave parents feeling drained and depressed, but very often, they struggle to meet the costs involved in basic everyday care. All of these factors can be considered in cerebral palsy claims in the UK.

When your child requires attention 24/7, you will likely need a range of help and support to enable you to keep going. Our team of cerebral palsy Solicitors are sensitive to the variety of additional needs and challenges faced by individuals and families who find themselves in such a situation with our legal team experienced in obtaining the kind of substantial and sizable pay-out that can provide essential assistance going forward.

You are welcome to contact us for a free initial consultation where we will be able to discuss the details of your case and give you an assessment on the likelihood of a successful cerebral palsy claim and whether we would be able to take on your representation. Should we take on your case, our cerebral palsy lawyers will ensure that they keep you fully informed at every stage of your claim, allowing you to make the best legal decision.


Types of cerebral palsy claims

Cerebral palsy is very often attributed to damage sustained at birth. By obtaining funds that are fundamental to your child’s health and well-being, you will be able to afford such things as specialist education, training, care, therapy and purpose-made accommodation.

Cerebral palsy can be attributed to any type of condition that affects your child’s movement and coordination. If the birth of your child was not straightforward and failures occurred during the procedure, brain damage could have occurred. Oxygen deprivation can also be a major cause of this condition and could quite simply be the result of your midwife or obstetrician not interpreting test results correctly. Any of these situations, if shown to be caused by an act of medical negligence, could qualify for a cerebral palsy claim.

Some of the main causes of cerebral palsy are:

  • Oxygen deprivation during birth
  • Low blood sugar being untreated, or not diagnosed
  • Jaundice being left unattended
  • Meningitis, or some other similar condition, not being detected


Your case is our responsibility

Our specialist medical claim staff have dealt with many cerebral palsy claims with great success. Our team of cerebral palsy Solicitors can build a compensation claim that takes into account the fact that your child’s quality of life may have been reduced considerably and that their life expectancy may even be lessened. Your application for cerebral palsy compensation will be dealt with at all times sensitively and in an empathic way.

You may be feeling unduly stressed and frustrated, particularly if you have been dealing with difficulties for some time, which is why you need a legal firm that understands exactly how to support you. For any client who we take on legal representation of their medical negligence claim, we ensure that you are given expert support at all times. From evidence gathering, to interviewing expert medical witness, through to any settlement negotiation and/or court appearances, we ensure that your cerebral palsy compensation claim is expertly cared for.

Whether your case is a new one, or a difficult situation that requires the intervention of medical claims specialists, we are here to help at all times. Get in touch with the friendly and experienced team of cerebral palsy Solicitors at Been Let Down by phone or email today.


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