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Matrimonial and Divorce Solicitor Negligence

Divorce is difficult enough, especially if your matrimonial solicitor has acted negligently. When things go wrong, they can be very distressing and result in financial loss. We can help you take action.


Matrimonial And Divorce Claims

The process of divorce is a highly emotional and stressful for spouses and children alike. As such, while it defines the end of the marriage formally, the decree absolute also marks the start of new beginnings.

Divorce is difficult enough, and the very last outcome for either spouse would wish for is an unfair matrimonial settlement, perhaps due to a lack proper investigation regarding the assets of one party during the negotiation process. As such, this may constitute negligence by your family divorce solicitor, resulting in additional stress and financial loss for you.

Other examples of how a solicitor could be negligent when handling a matrimonial dispute/divorce may include:

  • Under settling ancillary relief (Financial settlement)
  • Failure to investigate a spouses assets adequately
  • Incorrect or unfair settlement of the financial part of a divorce
  • Not considering the full extent of pension entitlement

If you believe that your family divorce solicitor has been negligent causing you financial loss, you may have a claim for compensation and other losses.

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