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Gender Pay Gap Report

Bond Turner Limited are committed to equality and diversity within the workplace.

In compliance with the Equality Act Gender Pay reporting guideline, Bond Turner Limited have produced the following report based on a snapshot date of 31st March 2022.  Bond Turner Limited are committed to equality and diversity within the workplace and strive to provide an environment that encourages all employees to progress through the firm and forge a rewarding and successful career within the firm.

As our workforce continues to expand, we remain committed to diversity, fairness and ensuring that all of our employees are paid and treated equally regardless of gender. We are confident that women and men are paid equally for equivalent jobs and performance.

As a proportion of the workplace, Bond Turner employs more women than men (58% v 42% respectively)


We have analysed data across four quartiles of our employees


A chart for the proportion of women and men within each quartile


We have also analysed and we report upon the mean and median hourly rate within each of those quartiles:


Chart for mean £ per hour within quartiles

Chart for median £ per hour within quartiles


Overall gender mean and median figures:


Overall median figures


The overall gender mean and median figures are reported above; they reflect the fact that we employ a larger number of women employees in our administrative, secretarial and support roles. As these roles are within the lower quartiles, this is reflected in the gender pay gap.

When we group together equivalent roles, our average salaries are comparable for women and men. Women and men have an equal opportunity to participate in and earn a bonus.

We remain committed to diversity and continue to be committed to paying equal pay for equal roles and performance.

I confirm that the data reported is accurate and in accordance with the Equality Act 2010.

Dawn O’Brien

Director & COFA

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