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What is ‘negligence’?

At some point in our lives we will pay someone to undertake a particular task. That could be anyone from an electrician to a surgeon. If that professional person makes a mistake, it could have serious personal and/or financial consequences. The person or company may have provided inadequate or incorrect advice resulting in this loss, this can be very distressing and you may not have anywhere to turn to seek redress.

A claim or a complaint?

It is sometimes difficult to know where to turn when you have been let down by a professional person or company. You may feel frustrated and undervalued by the professional person or his/her employer. They may not be listening to your concerns and needs. Your experience may lead you to believe that the standard of advice and professionalism that you expected is not being delivered or achieved. Most if not all professional people must comply with a strict code of conduct. They are also most likely to be regulated by a professional body or institution. Professionals generally take their professional obligations very seriously.

Do I have a case?

To give you an idea whether you have a claim against a professional, we have provided a guide against which all claims will be vetted. We will try to assess your claim at the initial contact stage but sometimes this is not possible. We may need to undertake investigations and obtain documents such as medical records and your professional’s file of papers.

What our clients say about us.
Charlotte Professional Negligence
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"Everything was dealt with quickly"

Everything was dealt with quickly and efficiently and I was kept up to date with the progress of my case. Despite my previous employer being difficult in negotiations, Hamida managed to secure me an extra £20,000 in damages. All I can say is thank you to Hamida and her team for all their help.

Ryan Professional Negligence
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"Excellent work Sarah Sykes"

This was the third company I contacted. The previous two didn't think I had a valid claim. Bond Turner were perceptive, skilled and detailed. I got a result! I would entrust your claim to them, excellent work Sarah Sykes.

Bella Medical Negligence
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"I would thoroughly recommend Sara Stanger"

Me and the family cannot describe how thankful we are for Sara's involvement in my Nans case. I hope that no-one finds them in a situation where they have to instruct a Solicitor to deal with a case of negligence, but if they do, I would thoroughly recommend Sara Stanger and her wonderful team.

Meet the team

We are dedicated to providing an outstanding service and achieving the most positive outcome, maximum compensation or remedy. We have many years of experience dealing with a variety of negligence claims. We are hugley proud of the success we achieve on our clients’ behalf.

Case studies

Our vision is to ensure that we gain a deep understanding of the needs of every client and we aim to achieve successful outcomes by leading from the front when it comes to client service.



If you think you have grounds for a claim or simply to discuss your situation, you can contact us by phone, email or our online contact form.


Here at Been Let Down, we have a track record in providing trusted legal services to clients looking to pursue claims in cases of professional and medical negligence. We are one of the leading professional and medical negligence solicitors in the North West from our offices in Liverpool City Centre, but have also taken on successful representation in high-profile cases in London and around the country.

Been Let Down offer many of our services on a ‘No Win No Fee’ basis where the only fees you pay are in the form of a percentage of your compensation won. The combination of this ‘No Win No Fee’ model, alongside our experienced and expert team of Solicitors, gives you the best chance of safely pursuing a negligence claim without risk to yourself.

We want to help individuals around the country to gain the right recognition for any professional or medical negligence they may have suffered. Having built up an extensive track record of diligent legal care and successful representations in courts around the nation, we have established a reputation of one of the most respected negligence solicitors in the country.

We understand that suffering from professional or medical negligence can be a distressing time that brings financial, physical and/or emotional hardship. With this in mind, we are able to offer a sensitive and highly professional approach, where we invite you to an initial free consultation meeting to look at the details of your case and advise on whether we think there is a legitimate chance of a successful negligence claim.

Our priority is to help our clients and potential clients to get the ideal advice and representation on their best course of action going forward. We will offer you honesty and transparency at all stages and will only take on your case if our legal experts assess it as a claim that is in your best interests to pursue. You can be sure that if Been Let Down takes on your claim, it’s a claim worth pursuing.

We have an extensive list of client testimonials that demonstrate the level of support and expert guidance we can provide to individuals and families who have been victims of professional or medical negligence across a whole range of scenarios. Whether you have suffered professional negligence from an estate agent, a Solicitor, a Surveyor, an Accountant or a Medical professional, we can provide an expert negligence Solicitor to help you in your case.

We have a number of expert negligence specialists across our elite legal team, so whatever the specific details of your case, we will be able to provide a legal professional who can offer you informed guidance on how to approach your case. We can help you with gathering documentation and other evidence, contacting potential witnesses and preparing you for a possible court appearance.

From start to finish, when you approach Been Let Down, you get an expert Solicitor who will take care of all of the complex legal details and communicate them to you in a helpful and understandable format. The long list of clients we have helped to secure recognition and compensation for are a testament to our expertise and diligence in this area of the law.

If you or a loved one believe you may have suffered from negligence that has caused clear harm, loss, pain and/or injury, you may well have a case for professional negligence.

If you are based in Liverpool, Manchester, London or anywhere across England and Wales, and would like to speak to us about exploring a claim for professional or medical negligence, please get in touch with Been Let Down today.

You can call us, fill out our online claims form, or request a call back. Each of these will allow one of our friendly and expert legal team to discuss your claim for negligence