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Dental Negligence

Client Story: How we secured compensation for dental negligence

Neil Crossley, Head of Clinical Negligence for Bolton, discusses a recent case where our client had experienced dental negligence, resulting in tooth loss that could have been prevented.

Been Let Down secure settlement for dental negligence claim

Our client

Neil Crossley was able to help a client after negligent dental care left her distressed, negatively affecting her mood, confidence, and social life.

The claimant had complained of an unpleasant taste in her mouth, tooth sensitivity to brushing and touch, and some movement of certain teeth, which prompted her to visit her usual dental practice for an appointment. Over the course of the following years, she was advised that extraction of certain teeth was the best course of action to combat the issues that had been identified.

After undergoing many years of treatment, which involved multiple dental extractions, the claimant’s oral health continued to suffer, although no treatment plan was instigated, other than extraction, and this began to impact her confidence and quality of life. She was left feeling self-conscious and distressed at her predicament, yet at no time was she advised that she had advancing gum disease and bone loss, nor was any treatment performed to halt her advancing periodontal disease.

How Been Let Down helped

Evidence concluded that the care that the claimant had received fell below the level of care to be expected of a similarly qualified dental practitioner. Had she had the proper care she would not have suffered a severe deterioration in her condition, leading to preventable loss of various teeth. Had the claimant been given appropriate advice and treatment for her condition, she would not have lost her teeth and suffered a loss of confidence, nor would she have had to undergo painful dental implant treatment or incurred the substantial cost of such treatments.

Allegations of negligence in this case included:

  • A failure to perform dental procedures which led to a deterioration of the claimant’s condition
  • A failure to provide appropriate hygiene advice over many years
  • A failure to correctly assess the claimant
  • A failure to refer the claimant to the appropriate specialist
  • A failure to report the findings of radiographs
  • A failure to appropriately discuss the claimant’s periodontal disease and provide appropriate treatment options

Been Let Down secured compensation of £43,500 for the claimant, enabling her to move forward with her life. The compensation also takes into consideration the cost of future treatments that will be required as a result of the negligence she experienced.

How Been Let Down could help you if you have experienced dental negligence:

The Been Let Down team have a team of legal experts that specialise in clinical negligence claims. If you think a past case may have been dealt with negligently by a medical professional including a dentist, read more here, or get in contact with Been Let Down today.

Further information can also be found on our medical negligence webpage.

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