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Medical Negligence

Cosmetic Surgery Negligence

Some forms of cosmetic surgery negligence can occur both before and after the procedure. Here we describe the different types of cosmetic surgery negligence you could experience and when you should speak with a medical or clinical negligence solicitor.

Every point is a piece of her story

Like any other form of Doctor, Nurse or medical practitioner, cosmetic Surgeons have a duty of care to their patients that includes every step of the process from first evaluation to aftercare.

Some forms of medical neglect occur before any cut is ever made. Your Surgeon has a duty to make sure that you aware of any potential side effects and alternative procedures that may be better.

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Your Surgeon is legally obliged to discuss with you the pros and cons of this particular procedure and allow you time and space to make an educated decision yourself and without any pressure. If you realise later on that you weren’t given this period to decide the Surgeon is in breach of the law and it will be much easier to seek out compensation if something goes wrong.

Sometimes mistakes are made after the surgery while the patient is recovering. This may include things like failing to act on an infection — while contracting an infection may not be as a result of any negligence or malpractice, failure to notice the signs does constitute as such.

What kind of complications can arise?

Some of the most commonly operated procedures are the ones most likely to produce complications. This includes reducing surgeries such as tummy tucks or rhinoplasty as well as breast augmentation, cosmetic Dentistry and liposuction.

All surgery has some form of risk, but medical negligence is different — it applies to poor standards of surgery, defective implants or tools and damage to nerves, arteries and organs. If you have made an informed decision about surgery and something goes wrong due to improper procedures or mistakes, the burden is upon them.

Improper aftercare is also a form of negligence, so if you weren’t given proper instructions on how to treat your wounds you will have a strong case. Being unhappy with the results is not the same as having suffered medical negligence.

How could it affect me?

Cosmetic surgery negligence often doesn’t affect health in any kind of serious way, but it can. An unnoticed infection left to spread could cause the loss of limbs, or nerve damage could affect the patient’s movement for the rest of their lives. However cosmetic damage is a legitimate cause for concern as you could be left badly scarred and having to take out corrective procedures.

It is much more difficult to quantify the psychological damage you may have had. For instance, the negligence may not prevent you from working but severe scarring could prevent you psychologically from going to work and being seen.

Luckily, many medical negligence cases are simple to prove. But if your case is complex and may require the testimony of medical professionals, it could take some time to go through.

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If you have suffered as a result of cosmetic or plastic surgery and believe that this only happened due to negligence or malpractice from someone whose care you were in, you should speak with a medical or clinical negligence lawyer — someone with cosmetic surgery experience if possible.

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