Types of Sexual
or Physical Abuse

Claims Against Sexual or Physical Abuse

You may be unsure if you can pursue a claim for abuse.

There are many different instances when a claim may arise, as detailed below

Physical abuse

These are bodily injuries which include being beaten, hit, smacking, cut, burnt, as well as being confined, or restrained against your will. Any form of physical assault may be considered.

Sexual abuse

This includes any form of indecent assault or molestation which has involved the forcing of undesired sexual behaviour.

Psychological abuse

This can involve any form of mental trauma inflicted by threatening behaviour, forced acts, coercion and control, and intimidation. The effects of such psychological trauma may have an adverse impact on you throughout your life;


Neglect can be due to failure to provide basic living needs, such as food, water, heating, adequate housing, and healthcare, or could be due to failure to protect from harm.

Please note that the above list is not exhaustive, or the abuser may have carried out a combination of all of the abuses referred to above.

You may have personally suffered abuse as a child and have now decided to speak out and come forward, or you may be a parent of a child or guardian who has been abused.

Coming forward and deciding to speak with a Solicitor to discuss matters which are very personal and traumatic is a huge step, it is, therefore, important that you instruct Solicitors who understand and can deal with your case in a truly empathetic and supportive manner.

Confidential enquiry

All initial enquires with our legal team are free, confidential, and there’s no obligation to proceed. Our Solicitor can arrange to meet in your home, by telephone, Skype, or in our office; whichever is best for you. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible when making the initial step to tell us what has happened.

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