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Solicitors Who Can Sue Other Solicitors

Solicitors have a duty of care to their clients. Unfortunately, however, sometimes mistakes are made, leaving you wondering what to do next. If that sounds familiar, we can help. As specialist negligence solicitors, we can help you to take action against a negligent solicitor.


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Making a Professional Negligence Claim

Why might I want to sue a lawyer for negligence?

Solicitors look after us when we are dealing with some of the most difficult aspects of our lives. We trust them for all kinds of important things, from buying property and making our wills to resolving disputes and getting the compensation that we deserve after an accident.

When you suffer from negligence or damage, it’s natural to want to claim compensation and sue your lawyer. However, even professionals with experience make mistakes — but if this results in financial loss, you may have the right to make another claim.

It can seem intimidating, suing a solicitor for negligence, as they are well versed in law but, if you have been on the receiving end of negligence by a solicitor, it is important to remember that they owed you a duty to undertake their role competently and professionally. If you received incorrect advice, or perhaps your solicitor failed to adhere to time limits, and you suffered a loss as a direct result, an experienced professional negligence solicitor will be able to help you with suing a solicitor for negligence.

Can I sue a solicitor for negligence?

There is a technical difference between professional negligence and inadequate service, although the latter can easily turn into the former. For example, delays due to your solicitor would classify as inadequate service but, if the delays went on so long that a time limit was missed, it would fall under the category of negligence.

If you feel that you have a possible claim for compensation against a solicitor, get in touch with us as soon as possible. We will listen carefully to your unique circumstances, take full details of what occurred, and, if we decide to take your case on, give our professional opinion as to whether we think you could be entitled to compensation.

What are some examples of solicitor negligence or inadequate service?

It’s important to remember that, to successfully bring a negligence claim against your solicitor, you’ll need to show that you’ve suffered from more than just bad service. They must have done something, or failed to do something, that has caused you a loss of some kind. Some examples of solicitor negligence are:

  • Suing the wrong party
  • Failing to serve notice on time
  • Failure to draft a will properly
  • Missing a court date
  • Causing your claim to be struck out of court
  • Under-settling a personal injury claim

What areas of law are covered in your solicitor negligence portfolio?

Our professional negligence solicitors have vast experience suing solicitors for negligence in a wide range of areas including:

What are the steps I need to take to sue my lawyer?

If you are unhappy with the service of a solicitor firm and believe that they may have been professionally negligent, you will need to contact a professional negligence solicitor as soon as possible.

Most professional negligence claims call for a lot of expert opinion to be presented but, when suing a solicitor for negligence, thankfully this isn’t usually necessary, as the judge will themselves be a barrister or solicitor and therefore possess sufficient expert knowledge. As such, suing a solicitor can be a relatively straightforward process, despite having to go through the courts.

To be successful in suing a lawyer, you will need a specialist professional negligence solicitor with a solid all-round legal knowledge, and ideally specialist knowledge of the area of focus of your case, as well as experience in suing other solicitors.

If you have been given bad professional advice and have incurred loss due to negligence by your solicitor, you should consider acting against them to ensure that you receive the compensation that you are owed.

Who can sue a lawyer for negligence?

If you’ve suffered from a financial loss because of negligent advice or any other inadequate or negligent service, you may be able to make a claim for compensation. Our team of experienced professional negligence solicitors will help you to determine whether errors made by your solicitor were negligent, as well as considering the best course of action in pursuing your claim.

Is there a time limit for suing my solicitor for negligence?

Yes, there is. As with any professional negligence claim, you usually have six years from the date that the negligence occurred, as set out in the Limitation Act 1980. If you find out about it at a later stage, you may have three years from a later date to make a claim. It can be difficult to accurately assess the correct time limit to make a claim so you should always contact us even if you suspect the time limit may have already expired.

How much will it cost to sue a solicitor?

Legal fees are expensive so, if you’ve been on the receiving end of bad or negligent legal advice, it’s understandable if you’re hesitant to hand over more money to sue your previous lawyer.

That’s why are normally able to offer our services on a No Win No Fee basis. That means that, if your case is unsuccessful for whatever reason, you won’t have anything to pay. Sometimes, if you don’t win your case, you’ll need to pay the defendant’s legal costs. If we think that this is the case, we will advise you to take out After-the-Event insurance too, so that you’ll have total peace of mind knowing that you won’t be out of pocket from suing your solicitor for negligence.

If we are successful, we will charge a pre-agreed success fee for our services, which will be a percentage of your damages. You can be rest assured that we will never charge you unexpected legal fees.

How much compensation could I get for suing a solicitor?

How much compensation you’ll receive varies greatly depending on the circumstances of your case, including how much you’ve lost because of negligent legal advice and the scale of the inconvenience that you’ve suffered.

To find out how much you could claim in compensation by suing a lawyer, get in touch with our expert team of solicitors today.

How do I make a claim?

If you think you may have a claim and you’d like to sue your lawyer for negligence, the first step is getting in touch with our expert team.

The first stage of the process once you reach out to us is a completely free-of-charge initial conversation, after which our legal team will decide whether we are able to assist you.  Then it will be up to you to decide whether you want to proceed with suing your solicitor for negligence. We will never pressure you into pursuing a claim. Deciding whether you want to sue your solicitor is a difficult decision to make – though we will ensure that it’s an informed decision – but it’s one that’s yours and yours alone.

Why trust Been Let Down with suing a solicitor for negligence?

If you feel as though you’ve been let down by your solicitor, let our professional negligence solicitors support you in suing your solicitor and bringing a claim for compensation. If you’re looking for advice about solicitor negligence claims, here’s why you should come to us:

  • We are regulated and accredited

We are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). The SRA sets the professional standards to which solicitors need to adhere in England and Wales.

  • We’re an independent law firm

As an independent firm, we will always have your best interests at heart. Your dedicated solicitor will keep you up to date at every stage of the process, so you’re always in the know about what’s happening with your solicitor negligence claim.

  • We offer No Win No Fee cases

Once we’ve assessed your claim and decided that you could have a successful case, we may be able to take on your case on a No Win No Fee basis through what’s called a Conditional Fee Agreement. Simply put, this means that, if we’re not successful in winning your case, there will be no charge.

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If you would like to find out more about how we can support you in suing your solicitor for negligence and get you the compensation that you deserve, get in touch with us today. You can either call us on 0800 234 3234 or contact us via our online enquiry form and a member of our friendly team will call you back.


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