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Been let down are specialist Professional Negligence Solicitors based in the central Liverpool area. Although we help clients from all over the country there are of course advantages to getting representation on a local level. If you think you may have grounds for a professional negligence claim and you reside in or close to Liverpool, we’re the people to help.

Contact us through our simple online initial claim form, or call us on our 0808 number, or even pop in to our offices in Temple Street and we’ll advise how we can help.

Making a claim — The early stages of making a claim can be the most important part of the process as this is where we assess your situation to determine the merits of your case and whether we think we can help you seek redress. After initially contacting us you will be called back promptly by one of our specialist negligence Solicitors. From day one with beenletdown, you will be speaking to an actual Solicitor, ensuring skilled advice from independent local advocates from the very start of the process.

We will listen to the details of your situation carefully and sensitively. We’ll begin to assess your claim and gather all necessary information or evidence in support of your case. This is where having local representation really comes into its own. Having easy access to a Solicitor with local knowledge can obviously help speed this process of gathering information, evidence and documentation. We can even arrange visits to a client at home, work, hospital etc. on occasion if the situation makes this the best way to facilitate the process. After assessing your claim if we think you have a case for negligence and there’s a reasonable chance of success then we’ll offer to take on your case on a No Win No Fee basis through a Conditional Fee Agreement.

Conditional Fee Agreement, (CFA) — A Conditional Fee Agreement essentially means that if we are not successful in pursuing your claim then there will be no charge. On the condition of us winning your claim we would charge a Success Fee. The success fee would be a previously agreed upon percentage of any damages or compensation that we manage to win for you. At beenletdown due to our many years of experience and knowledge gained in specialising in professional negligence, we know that we can beat the success fees offered by other Solicitors. The advantages of being local can also help in keeping costs down and this of course would be reflected in the success fee agreement.

Local Representation from Experts in the Field — We’re leaders in the field of Professional Negligence law, and take a personal and professional pride in getting the very best outcome for our clients. All our Solicitors are accredited with the Professional Negligence Lawyers Association and the Solicitors Regulation Authority, so you can be sure of the very best representation from skilled and experienced local advocates.

If you think you have a claim, contact us today and get represented! We have a wealth of experience in helping local people get the recompense they deserve, and we’d be happy to help you do the same.

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