Amputation Negligence
Compensation Claims

Around 6000 amputations take place each year within the UK, half of which were due to avoidable medical problems.

For those who have been on the receiving end of this type of surgery, the consequences are truly life-changing and can lead to deep psychological trauma. Not only are you left to recover from a major operation, but your whole life is turned upside down.

Recover your compensation

If your amputation was preventable and unnecessary, we might be able to help you claim compensation. This may not fully put your life back to how it was before the surgery, but it can help in many ways.

Modifications to your home, transport, therapy, all designed to allow you to function in your daily life as you used to, can be considered once you receive adequate and necessary compensation.

Because we have worked with many clients who have undergone an amputation, we know the processes involved in depth, and can, therefore, work towards obtaining maximum compensation on your behalf

Reasons for amputation

The majority of amputations are undertaken to prevent serious illness or medical problems, and as such are not the result of negligence. The amputation may have been necessary due to reduced blood supply, infection, gangrene, limb cancer, or physical trauma. But in some cases, amputations could have been prevented with timely and targeted medical and nursing care.

If the medical team or the GP caring for you were not proactive, you may be left having to face the rest of your life as an amputee. Many clients have come to us with claims due to:

  • Limb cancer being diagnosed too late
  • Improper care of diabetes
  • Ischaemia not diagnosed
  • Infection not detected
  • Error during surgery leading to amputation
  • Amputation of the wrong limb

Those with diabetes are also at risk of amputation due to poor blood flow. Shockingly, 50% of amputations within the UK are carried out on people with diabetes.

Let us help

If you have suffered physically, emotionally or financially due to amputation, we can help.

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