Prescription Error Compensation Claims

Medication Errors

When visiting a GP, or another medical professional for a medication prescription, we trust the process to be undertaken with the utmost of care and safety.  We take the drugs without checking the product or the strength, and whatever is written on the pack with regard to dosage instructions, we faithfully follow. But what if we do this and an error was made when the prescription was written up by the Doctor, or dispensed by the chemist? The results may be inconsequential and or minor if we are lucky, but if not, potentially devastating consequences can occur.

A Doctor providing the wrong prescription

If your Doctor makes a mistake and gives the wrong drug for your condition, e.g. a medication to which you are allergic, an incorrect strength or dosage, or medication for a condition that you do not actually have, this can be termed as clinical negligence. Your illness may worsen, you may suffer a severe reaction, or your health may be dramatically impacted. Worst of all, the error could prove fatal.

Dispensary making an error

Your GP or medical practitioner may have acted correctly, but what if the dispensing chemist makes an error? They may issue you someone else’s prescription, use the wrong product, give the wrong quantity, or put incorrect dosage instructions on the label. Again, any of these errors can have devastating health consequences.

You can make a claim for prescription errors, whether you are treated privately or under the NHS, and this can be undertaken by you or a member of your family on your behalf. Time limits do apply, so always act as quickly as possible.

Proof of medical negligence

Once you contact a claims expert, they will look at the details of your case and seek to prove medical negligence occurred. You will need to give them as much detailed information regarding your circumstances, including the impact on your health and the losses you have suffered. You may also be able to claim for lost earnings, travel expenses, physical or mental pain, and stress suffered.

Time limits

As with all cases of medical compensation due to a prescription error, time limits apply. You normally have a period of three years to make your claim, so you should always consult with our claims experts as soon as possible. By bringing a compensation claim in good time, you will give yourself the best chance of securing the money you need to cover your losses and make up for the pain and stress suffered.

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