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If you believe that you have been affected by medical negligence in Liverpool, we are here to help you.


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Medical negligence claims solicitors for Liverpool, Manchester and the North West

When we enter a GP surgery, hospital or other medical setting, we expect medical practitioners to explain our symptoms, receive a diagnosis and be given the correct treatment or surgery. While most interactions between a patient and medical practitioner go smoothly, there are times when things do not go to plan and medical negligence occurs.

Medical negligence (often referred to as clinical negligence) is where medical professionals fail in their duty of care to their patients. It includes accidental, incorrect or substandard care that causes a patient injury, illness, or prolonged or unnecessary pain, and it can happen across all forms of public and private healthcare.

If you or a loved one think you have experienced medical negligence and you are in Liverpool or the surrounding area, then the team here at Been Let Down can help. Our medical negligence claims solicitors are based in Liverpool city centre and are on hand to offer specialist advice across a range of issues caused by negligent medical care.

Get in touch with us today and we will work with you to see if you can bring a medical negligence claim. We will talk to you about what happened and work with you to secure the compensation you are entitled to.

What are the types of negligent care?

There are different ways that a medical practitioner can be negligent. Some examples that our medical negligence lawyers in Liverpool often come across include:

  • Symptoms being ignored
  • Incorrect or delayed diagnosis, causing symptoms to worsen
  • Incorrect or inadequate treatment given
  • X-rays, test results or scans not being read correctly, or things being missed
  • Birth injuries
  • Surgery not being carried out properly

This list represents just a handful of examples where medical professionals have provided negligent care. If the nature of your enquiry does not appear in this list, do still contact us as we may still be able to assist you in pursuing a claim.

What can happen when negligence has occurred?

Whatever type of medical negligence you have experienced, it is likely that you will be still dealing with what happened and trying to resolve the issues with your health. This could mean you have missed out on work while you recover, or you might have lost out on pay and money worries which can prove to be stressful, especially if you need to pay for medical bills associated with the negligence that you have encountered.

As well as the physical and financial fallout, your mental well-being may be affected. You might have lost faith in medical professionals, and this can mean that you are reluctant to seek further help to resolve the damage to your health.

At Been Let Down, we understand that a lot can happen after a medical negligence event. Our claims solicitors in Liverpool are skilled in working with claimants to secure compensation and winning these claims which make a real difference to the lives of those who have been through so much.

How do I prove my medical negligence claim?

There are two things that you must be able to prove as the claimant. The first is whether there has been a breach of duty of care on the part of the medical professional and the second is that avoidable harm was caused as a result of that breach of duty.

That is where our experienced legal team comes in. By pursuing a medical negligence claim, our legal experts will take you through the process to establish how to prove these two points and gather evidence to present your case.

Choosing your medical negligence lawyer in Liverpool

Medical negligence claims can be among the most complicated of all legal procedures and finding the right representation can go a long way to winning your claim. Therefore, it is vital that you get expert advice and representation from a trusted medical negligence solicitor.

For clients in Liverpool, Manchester and the surrounding areas you can access a nationally respected firm that is right on your doorstep when you contact Been Let Down. Our reputation and nationwide presence will give you the confidence that you are getting the representation you want and deserve.

Having an experienced local negligence solicitor with specialist knowledge in the field of medical negligence is essential to securing the recognition and compensation you are seeking. We can offer this help in the most reliable and expert way possible as we have many years of experience in winning medical negligence claims in Liverpool, Manchester and across the North West.

How does making a claim work?

To make a claim, contact us on a no obligation basis through our online claim form or by calling 0800 234 3234. You will then be contacted by a member of our specialist medical negligence team based at our Liverpool office.

When you choose us to represent you, you will always speak to a solicitor from day one, so we will be able to discuss your case further and analyse any supporting documentation or evidence. This initial period of assessing a medical negligence case is vital as we work with you to gather the necessary supporting evidence.

If we think you have a valid claim for medical negligence and it has a reasonable chance of success, we will explain what happens next, running through the process at a pace you are comfortable with.

We are always honest and transparent, so if we do not believe you could win your claim, we will let you know right away to save you the wasted time and energy. We know that what you have suffered so far will likely have been very distressing, so the last thing we want to do is add to that. However, many cases turn out to make for legitimate claims, so it is well worth speaking to us to see if it is a case worth progressing.

How much does expert local representation cost?

Our expert Medical Negligence solicitors can discuss funding options with you further, but most of our cases are run on ‘No Win No Fee’ basis. This is a Conditional Fee Agreement, or CFA.

Is there a time limit?

There is a time limit for most clinical negligence claims. This is usually three years from the date of the incident. However, that time limit can be extended if you have a later date of knowledge that something may have gone wrong with your treatment, or if you are claiming on behalf of someone who does not possess the mental capacity to claim for themselves.

If you are a parent or guardian, you can make a medical negligence claim on behalf of a child up until their 18th birthday. When that person turns 18, they will have until they reach 21 to make a claim.

When talking through your claim, we will let you know how long you have left to pursue your claim. However, we always recommend that you seek our advice as soon as you can after the incident. This is because the details are fresh in your mind and you are likely to still have any relevant correspondence from the medical professionals to hand.

Our medical negligence solicitors work with clients in Liverpool and the surrounding region to make sure that the timelines are fully established. This clarifies when the incident happened, the events that led up to it and what happened after, along with how long is left to claim.

Why choose Been Let Down?

We do everything we can to be the leading medical negligence claims solicitors for clients in Liverpool, Manchester and the North West, offering the best legal advice and representation for claimants across Merseyside and beyond. This level of representation will enable you to bring the best possible claim.

Here are some reasons why our Liverpool team of solicitors are best placed to help you:

  • We’re experts in our field

Our expert medical negligence team in Liverpool is skilled in handling a range of claims.

  • A proven record of success

We are a successful team. So, if we think your case could have the potential to win, it probably will.

  • Fully accredited

We are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). The SRA set the professional standards that solicitors need to adhere to in England and Wales.

  • Supporting you at all times

We are a compassionate, supportive team. We will guide you through every stage of the process with care.

Please contact us if you think that you or a loved one may have grounds for a valid claim. All our initial consultations are provided free of charge and at no obligation. We are dedicated to getting the best outcome for our clients and look at each case on its individual merits.

We can be flexible in our approach and accommodate your needs wherever possible. For instance, we can even arrange home, work or hospital visits and can do this whether you live in Liverpool, London or anywhere else in England and Wales. This is just one of the ways we show we are willing to go the extra mile to support our clients’ legal needs.

Call us today or fill out our claims form on our website. You can also request a call back for a more convenient time. Whichever way you prefer, we will ensure that you find out from one of our specialist solicitors whether we can help you pursue a claim, and if so, how we can help you get the justice and compensation you deserve.

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