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Nursing Negligence Compensation Claims

Negligence And The Nurse

No one likes having to go to hospital, but when we do, we rightfully expect to be looked after in a caring and competent manner.

Normally this is the case, but what happens when the standard of nursing care received falls below what you should reasonably expect?

If you feel you may have suffered pain, or incurred loss due to nurse negligence, then consider seeking professional legal advice.

Consult a legal expert

By speaking to one of our expert Solicitors, we will review the details of your case, and advise if you have a valid claim for compensation. If you are not sure whether your circumstances qualify or not, here are some examples of nurse negligence:

  • Not reacting quickly enough to a patient whose condition is deteriorating
  • Not assessing or monitoring a patient’s condition correctly
  • Medication or treatment errors
  • Not recording patient information accurately leading to unnecessary treatment etc.
  • Using medical equipment incorrectly
  • Not updating a consultant on the patient’s condition
  • Not carrying out doctor’s instructions
  • Injuring you while performing their duties

To prove nursing negligence, you must have suffered damage or harm as a direct result.

We also recommend making a formal complaint to the relevant NHS Trust while your Lawyer is reviewing your case and we can assist you with this to ensure your position is best protected. Anyone who suffers due to poor or inadequate nursing should let the NHS Trust know the facts of the case. In doing so, future episodes of inattentive nursing may be avoided.

How your claims advisor will help

From the time you approach a nursing negligence Lawyer for legal help, they will take control of your case and analyse all of the facts carefully. Our Solicitors are well versed in dealing with nurse negligence cases and understand the distress and trauma that can occur as a result.

Once we have collated all of the information regarding your case, we will advise you of the likelihood of your case being successful.

Act quickly

Time limits do apply for medical negligence claims, so do not delay. Medical negligence cases can be financed in a variety of ways, including ‘No Win No Fee’, so don’t let lack of funds stop you seeking justice and compensation.

If you have had a bad experience due to inadequate nursing, get expert legal assistance today.

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