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If you think you may have grounds for a medical negligence claim (also known as clinical negligence), then you need to get in touch with the best people to help you, and get expert advice. Here at beenletdown we have expert Solicitors with many years’ experience of successfully pursuing medical negligence cases. After making an initial no obligation enquiry through our simple online claim form or by phone we’ll contact you to discuss your claim further. Unlike many other legal companies, with beenletdown you’ll be speaking to an experienced specialist Solicitor from day one. And what’s more, we take on the vast majority of claims on a No Win, No Fee basis! More on this later.

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Do I have a valid claim?

First things first — we need to establish whether you have a valid claim and whether it’s win-able. Medical negligence is a thorny issue, so it’s important to establish whether actual negligence has occurred, or if your situation is more of a reason for a complaint. This is why the initial consultation period is so very important, and why contacting us is the best choice as you’ll talk to an actual Solicitor from the very start. We will listen carefully and sensitively to the details of your case. We realise that when clients contact us they are often going through a very stressful time. So we treat each case on an individual basis. We can even arrange hospital, work or home visits if necessary.

As we listen to the details of your experience we will be trying to establish 2 things:

  • Firstly — was your Doctor, Nurse or medical team at fault to the extent that they did not provide a level of service and care equal to what would be expected of another professional in their field.
  • And secondly — did you suffer actual harm, injury or loss as a direct result of this lack of care.

If both of the above conditions are satisfied then you may well have a grounds for a criminal negligence claim. During this process we will also advise you of things such as statutory Limitation — the time after the incident in which a medical negligence claim must be commenced This is usually within 3 years, although medical cases are complicated so this shouldn’t be taken as a hard and fast rule. You should still contact us if the negligence did not necessarily occur within this time frame as we may still be able to help.

No Win No Fee

We usually take cases on a Conditional Fee Agreement, or CFA basis. All this means is that if we are not successful in pursuing your claim we will not charge a fee. If we are successful we would charge a Success Fee. The success fee would be a percentage of the damages awarded. We have many years’ experience of winning medical negligence claims, and specialist knowledge negligence law. This means that we can usually beat the terms offered for success fees by other Solicitors.

After The Event (ATE) Insurance

Since the withdrawal of legal aid for medical negligence, pursing a claim of a CFA is the best way for you to have peace of mind about the financial implications of pursuing your claim. It’s also important to know that in a small number of cases a claimant may be liable for the defendants costs if the claim is not successful. We will assess whether this would be an issue in your case, and if it is we would recommend ATE insurance. ATE insurance covers you should you be liable in this way, and at beenletdown we have extremely competitive ATE policies to ensure that worries about finance need not be an issue.

Get the Best Representation

At beenletdown we are accredited with the Professional Negligence Lawyers Association and the Solicitors Regulation Authority, so you can be sure of the very best representation. Remember, our Solicitors are specialists in the field of negligence law and we have an extremely high success rate. You’ll be speaking to a Solicitor from day one, we will advise you on whether you have good grounds for medical negligence and whether we think we can win your claim.

Get in Touch Today and Get the Ball Rolling

Time is definitely of the essence with medical negligence, so why not call or use our online contact form on a no obligation basis and we’ll call you back to discuss your claim?

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