How to claim for Hospital Negligence

Our medical negligence Solicitors are in place to help with all claims related to hospital medical negligence. If you have had problems, suffered an injury, been misdiagnosed or been incorrectly medically treated at any NHS or private hospital, then we can help put together a hospital negligence claim for recognition and compensation.

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Most of the time, treatment received in hospital is of a good standard. Staff in the NHS are generally very dedicated and professional. However, there are limits on the treatment and care they are able to provide. Whether you received treatment as an outpatient or during a full admission, hospital staff treat a huge variety of conditions and illnesses, but occasionally problems can creep in which cause the treatment received to fall below an acceptable level of a competent medical practitioner.

Depending upon your personal situation at the time, the consequences of such events can have disastrous and potentially long-lasting effects. Should you have suffered from an act of hospital negligence, it is worth enlisting the support of trusted legal experts who can advise you on your legal options with regards to a negligence claim.

Your reasons for putting in a claim for compensation can be due to a huge variety of reasons. Treatment may have been delayed or not carried out effectively, or diagnosis could be totally incorrect. A diagnosis may have been given long after it should have been. Whether your case involves something like this or a completely different set of events, we’re here to help put your problem right by expertly submitting a hospital negligence claim on your behalf.


Types of Hospital Negligence claim

Our team of hospital negligence Solicitors are highly qualified and offer a wealth of experience in representing hospital negligence claims in courts around the country.  We have experience in helping individuals and families to deal with such claims, with our track record and expertise covering problems such as:

  • Errors with amputation
  • Injuries sustained at birth
  • Pregnancy mistreatment
  • Brain injuries
  • Heart surgery
  • Misdiagnosis negligence
  • Failure to treat
  • Paramedic error
  • Surgical error
  • Transplant problems

If you feel that you may have been subject to medical negligence causing any of the above issues, you may well have a claim for hospital negligence compensation. Even if your particular situation is not listed above, it may still fall under the legal provisions of a hospital negligence claim, so the best step is to get in touch with our team of hospital negligence Solicitors to discuss the possibility of making a claim.

For anyone who is looking for legal help with regards to any unnecessary pain and suffering that you have received at a hospital, we can help. We can offer a free initial consultation to help assess the likelihood of a successful claim, and should we take on the representation of your hospital negligence claim, we will offer expert legal support at every point of the claim, from initial evidence gathering through to final settlement.


Expert support with Hospital Negligence claims

Our skilled medical negligence Solicitors are used to dealing with hospital negligence claims. We will investigate your claim by obtaining your medical records. Once your medical records are received we will review and assess whether your claim has merit. If, at that stage, we consider that your claim has reasonable prospects of success, we can refer your case to a network of medical experts who are completely independent. They understand the intricacies of the hospital negligence claims process. The medical expert will provide an opinion whether treatment you received fell below the required standard of a competent medical practitioner.


Adequate compensation for Hospital Negligence

Whatever type of injury or damage you have sustained, we will ensure that your hospital negligence claim is made in such a way that adequate and ample compensation is paid to you. Our hospital negligence lawyers are vastly experienced in preparing and presenting such claims and will make sure you receive expert representation and are fully informed of your legal options at all times.

We cannot take away the pain and suffering that you may have suffered as a result of hospital negligence, but we can provide you with the compensation you are entitled too, subject to liability and causation to help to minimise your losses, physically, emotionally and financially. This can be of great help with dealing with any ongoing consequences of any hospital negligence you have suffered, with potential impacts including lost earnings, physical and/or psychological therapy, as well as possible home modifications.

Get in touch with one of our hospital negligence Solicitors at Been Let Down today for help and assistance with your claim for hospital compensation.


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