Nerve Injury Solicitors

Nerve damage is a common outcome of medical accidents due to poor treatment in hospitals or receiving care. Even small nerve injuries can have lasting effects on your body, potentially causing severe pain and disability. If you have suffered nerve damage due to improper medical care, you may have the right to make a claim.

Nerve injuries may occur in a number of ways, although most commonly as a result of surgery or needle use (i.e. while taking blood or administration of medication). When performing surgical procedures, surgeons often have to navigate around nerve fibres, and if even a small mistake is made, nerves can be damaged, trapped or even severed.

Nerve damage may only be temporary, but in more serious cases can be permanent, and cause life-changing disability. If you have suffered nerve damage, the symptoms will most likely be noticed soon after the medical accident, and may include:

  • Pain
  • Cold sensation
  • Burning or extreme tingling
  • A heavy feeling in arms or legs
  • Problems manipulating or holding objects, or moving feet and toes
  • Pins and needles or numbness

Debilitating pain may prevent you from being able to work, and long-term loss of sensation may lead to loss of function in the part of the body affected.

If you have suffered from any nerve damage, you may be able to make a claim for compensation for your losses, to cover the physical and emotional trauma you have endured, and the financial costs you have incurred due to the accident. The amount you could receive depends largely on the severity of the damage and any additional financial losses, including:

  • Loss of earnings or work
  • Hiring help for housework
  • Paying for Nurse care in the home
  • The costs of private treatment if the NHS service has a long waiting list.

As with any injuries or damage resulting from medical treatment, it is vitally important to speak with a medical negligence Solicitor (i.e. a legal professional who specialises solely in this field). A general personal injury Solicitor will not have the necessary credentials and experience necessary to prove such a case, and therefore make sure you have the best possible chance of receiving compensation.

More often than not, such claims are settled before going to court, especially if the evidence is overwhelming or the trust or doctor have readily admitted fault. An experienced Solicitor will be able to inform you as to whether the settlement amount is appropriate — if not, you may need to progress to court.

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